"Something Absolutely Safe." -Book o' Enemies

Description and StatsEdit

The ASBC is normally a Bloon-like obstacle used by the Bloons judging by the name is that it is absolutely safe, and something inside cannot attack anything that is on the outside and the outside cannot attack the inside, also said to have a HP of 1 and a defense of 10^10^100 and anything that deals damage to it will said to deal x-10^10^100 HP, thus making players think that this is tend to be great for PvP, but that is not all, it can seal ANY Object. Once something is inside, there is no hope of escape, even with the player's help. It also cannot be removed, but it tends to be a SuperBoss and also, it's Absolute Defense is 10^10^100

HP: 1

AD: 10^10^100 = (10^Googol=(10^100))

Defense: 10^10^100 = (10^Googol=(10^100))


  • Reference is the Title of the same name but without the "Bloon"
  • It has the highest Exp rewarded
    • There is a Theory that the Exp is actually the HP of the Absolutely Safe Bloon Capsule
  • The player can also get inside the Absolutely Safe Bloon Capsule, and can get out, to prevent the player from dying of boredom
  • It is also titled as a SuperBoss
  • It's BGM is the same as the original's.
  • Though can be destroyed but it will take a very long time even with OP Agents, Contras, Wither Tanks, Damage Boosters, TOTMGs all over the screen, doing so will cause the game to crash just before the Absolutely Safe Bloon Capsule's HP is 0
  • There's also no way another Absolutely Safe Capsule will spawn, just once and ONCE only
  • When selected, will have a button to roll the capsule, it reduces his HP to -10^10^10^10^10^100.
  • Even the biggest blimp, Tigris can fit in the capsule
    • Also, when something is destroyed in there, so far, it cannot even open up
  • Strangely enough, the only way to destroy the Capsule is commands (it's not available in BTD6)
    • the Command is Start_Enemy_ASBC
      • Set_Defense_0
      • Set_AD_0
        • Despite having only one HP, and it's material is unknown, it can be destroyed by EVEN a dart monkey, but doing it so crashes the game, or even worse, either a BSoD or a RSoD