These are founded out from the game, from easy to hard to extreme



difficulty: easy

how to get: defeat 2 aliens

down fall: none

award: 50 shells

reach to second dimension

diffculty: easy-medium

how to: get all the way to tank 2

down fall: none

award: 100 shells

gus the fish killer

difficulty: medium

how to: feed gus with different fishes

down fall: feeding him with food (fish food, star potion, etc.)

award: 225 shells

3rd dimension

difficulty: medium

how to: get all the way to tank 3

down fall: none

award: 250 shells


difficulty: medium

how to: kill your fish with a bomb

down fall: collecting a bomb

reward: 500 shells

over 9000!

difficulty: medium

how to: get 9001 guppies

down fall: none

reward: 750 shells


difficulty: medium

how to: kill pyschosquid

down fall: none

reward: 2000 shells

last level but not over yet!

difficulty: medium-hard

how to: get to tank 5

down fall: none

reward: 5000 shells

first king

difficulty: hard

how to: buy king intruder

down fall: none

reward: 10000 shells

cyrax, defeated

difficulty: hard-extreme

how to: defeat cyrax

down fall: all your pets died

reward: 10,000 shells

lag suffer

difficulty: extreme

how to: buy 10 ultravores, 5 king intruders, 100 breeders, 1000 carnivores

down fall: none

reward: 10,000 shells

Genu's Revenge

difficulty: harder-then-extreme

how to get: defeat 10 cyraxs and 100 pyschosquids

down fall: after you geted the achievement, Genu appears

reward: 9 999 shells