The BCoW Awesome Base is the main base of the BCoW users(except for the founder of this wiki *cough*TAT*cough*). It has 359 members and is located right next to the Spikes R Us store.
Awesome base

The base of the BCoW users


1.New Guy - Starter rank. Has access to awesome 0-0 dart cannons and has 1337 armor. If the person has stayed on BAB for a month and killed 100 soldiers, then he/she gets promoted to Normal Dude.

2.Normal Dude - Level 2 rank. Has access to Tier 1/2 dart cannons, and has 9001 armor increase. If the person has killed 125 more soldiers, he/she gets promoted to Dartling Soldier.

3.Dartling Soldier - Level 3 rank. Has access to dartling guns and has 10 more armor. If the person has killed 1941 more soldiers, he gets promoted to Nazi rank.

4.Nazi - Level 4 rank. Has acces to aircraft and navy and gets 1941 more armor.

This has turned evil because bans users for no reason!