the Bans happen if the users break the rules of Insaniquarium chat

ban levelsEdit

there are 12 ban levels

1. reminder - the weakest ban, only for people who break a little rule

2. warning - the 2nd weakest ban, this happens if you broke some other rules, it comes up 5 times

3. 1 hour ban - get banned for 1 hour

4. 5 hour ban - banned for 5 hours

5. 1 day ban - banned for 24 hours

6. 3 day ban - banned for 3 days

7. 1 week ban - banned for 7 days or 1 week

8. 2 week ban - banned for 14 days or 2 weeks

9. account deletion - the 4th most powerful ban, it deletes your account and if you made another account, a poison will happen

10. poison - this happens if make another account if your other account is deleted, 3rd most powerful ban

11. IP banned - this happens if you make another account and it prevents you from going to the chat room, 2nd most powerful ban

12. red death - the most powerful ban of all, this deletes all of your tools.


  • if you got banned for buying a normal ultravore and name it: hax0r, you get banned for 7 days, but that is just a bug, you can contact the game creator and you will be un-banned and rewarded a free 5,000,000$
  • you can get red death by hacking, this was fixed


  • red death ONLY deletes virtual tank tools and prevents you from going to your virtual tank
  • the 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 are the only bans they are based from roblox
  • banning the famous fishes/people making you be banned for 1 year or forever
  • if you ban the creator of this wiki from another wiki, you will be banned forever
  • If you ban Genu,you will be also banned forever.