This is a complete list for all of the NPCs in Contra Bloons TD.

Tatians Edit

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Sergeant Monkey Edit

Sergeant Monkey is an NPC who holds the tutorial in CBTD. He guides you through everything in the game, until at the final end of the tutorial, in which he acts as the first boss of the game.

His attacks are:

  • Darts fly around the screen attempting to hit the player. The darts will always take one damage.
  • He will eat a banana, recovering 5 HP.
  • He then attacks the player using bombs and tacks.

If the player kills him, he will say a story about how he was an adventurer like the player until he dies and his soul shatters.


Guest 1337Edit

King BonesEdit

King Bones CBTD

His appearance (sorry if its just black and white)

King Bones (True Name: Sans) is the leader of the Miner's Stronghold. He can command any mob to attack a part of Minecraft Planet. He appears in the throne inside the End Portal Room. The player can walk to him and talk to him, but on the third statement, if the player chooses, "Fight?" King Bones will attack him.

His attacks are:

  • Command - Summons 1-3 Zombies, Skeletons or Spiders.
  • Bone Staff - Uses his staff to shoot bones at a character.
  • Blue Magic - Makes a person float with magic, then fall down and get stunned for 1 turn.
  • Bone Wand - Opposite of the Bone Staff, doesn't take damage from attacks, lasts for 1 turn.
  • Potion - Throws a Harming or Posion potion to anyone on-screen.

His brother is Paps, and his giant pet is Skeletron.

He first appears in Chapter 2: The Mineshaft of the Caves.



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Players Edit

Throughout the game, the player can befriend various player of the games Minecraft and ROBLOX. They can be found anywhere (except in the tutorial, the Bloontonium Lab, the Arena, the ERROR_MAP_LOADED_FAILED section, and in the Final Area). The player will then have to do some certain tasks before befriending a player.

The following players can be seen below:

Chapter 1Edit

  1. TAT (TATemporaryAaron1101)
  2. Noobsaibot64
  3. 1daev2 (EngiMonkey)
  4. Notch
  5. DanTDM

​Chapter 2Edit

Chapter 3Edit

Chapter 4Edit

Chapter 5Edit

The Final ChapterEdit

Supporting NPCsEdit

The list of supporting NPCs are:

  1. Bloons
  2. Monkeys
  3. Chara
  4. Villagers
  5. Mobs
  6. Helperbot
  7. Steve
  8. Alex
  9. Notch
  10. Herobrine


These are NPCs that don't make any usage in-game, but when interacted they speak some messages about their life.


  • Prior to 2.1.7, there was an exploit where the player could befriend some of the NPCs in Area -1, making the ERROR_MAP_ LOADED_ FAILED area one of the areas to have NPCs, however this was later patched.
  • All of the NPCs aren't hostile.
  • This was created by 1daev2.
  • Some for the NPCs will leave in a Genocide Route.
  • They are essential as they are require to be befriended to complete a Pacifist Route.