cat face planet (C.F.P or :3 planet) is a jupiter-sized planet with tatian-sized craters and a cat face on it's front, it appeared in 2666 years, as the end of virgo a planet


as along with 100 million years ago, (400 million years after tat's birth) the meteor hit virgo a planet and it's pieces were emerged into 1 large jupiter-sized planet, cat face planet

destruction eraEdit

as 2 million years after the creation of cat-face planet, it destroyed 4 moons of virgo a planet, plubos a planet, taranatula, virgos a planetakus' home and virgos a plantakus' empire, it destroyed another planet, meme planet, home of memes

modern eraEdit

as according to 2nd universe news, cat face planet almost collided with fish world affecting 250,183,183 fishes, 1/10 of the virgo a planet's population and 1/5 of fish world's population

year 2666Edit

info coming soon