Caught was insaniquarium 2 movie, it starts when a guppy says "can't you see i'm dead already?!" then another guppy swim away, however, then king intruder needs to look at his great-great-great-great-great grandfather, ultra intruder, however, ultra intruder in the movie has a fedora, in insaniquarium 2, it resembles as a police and the swat fish, Caught! ends when larry and Angler almost kissed


guppy 1: can't you see i'm dead already?! (guppy 2 swam away) i wonder what king intruder was doing?


king intruder: i need to see my great-great-great-great-great grandfather!

police fish: but how?

king intruder: the time machine!!!

police fish: What!?!!?!!

the time machine...

king intruder: ok, let's do it! (gets in)

police fish: (presses 300 years ago button)

king intruder: now!

time machine zooms to 300 years ago

police fish: where are we?

king intruder: 300 YEARS AGO!!!

police fish: there he is!

king intruder: quiet!

western guppy: a house!

king intruder: hide! (police and king hides)

western guppy: hello?

western guppy: (swims away, slowly) noob

king intruder: out!

police guppy: this is so bad! they will kill us!

king intruder: shut up!

(they both got mad and fight)

western guppy: noobs!

ultra intruder: !

ultra intruder: hold it, hold it!

police fish: caught! (1st time to say this title of the movie)

king intruder: YAY!!!

ultra intruder: ??!??

king intruder: yay! my ancestor! (ancestor means great-great-great-great grandfather, or alot of great-s and a "grandfather")

ultra intruder: let's go back to the present!

police fish: WHAT???!!! (WHAT fish close up)

present day...

(larry and angler, almost kissed)

king intruder: !

ultra intruder: !!!

police fish, with clothes off: ugh, this is so sick!

Trivas and Goofs/errorsEdit

  • 1st time larry and angler almosted kissed
  • RUNNING GAG: during the start of this episode, an angel fish puked
  • the only episode of the time machine
  • the time machine also appears in Insaniquarium 2: the movie, but it was NEVER used
  • during the very end of the episode, you can hear a bomb exploding
  • when king intruder says "ancestor" he said "ankestor"
  • when the "!" appeard on top of ultra's head, his mouth don't move