the unknown bloon

Dr. Bloon is the final boss of fan-made bloons tower defence, it contains unknown number of bloons, and it's extremely hard bloon to pop it

name: Dr. Bloon

rbe: 123,456,789

parent of: godmodder bloon

child of: none, final boss

real name: The evil Bloon of bloons td


  • it's the strongest of all blimps and bloons
  • the largest, can cover 1/2 of any map
  • the most dangerous blimp and bloon ever
  • looks like a MMBFB, except inversed color
  • can take away all lives, such as 1 billion lives, when it escaped, 0, even a trillion or a quadrillion or unvigintillion lives, infinite lives can't be turned into 0
  • it takes 75 temple of monkey god with all of the fully upgraded towers will pop this
  • lots of people know it's secrets
    • the real name is "king of all blimps"
    • it's rbe is 49,709,056
    • it's the final boss of fan-made bloons tower defence
  • lots of people make blimps/bloons containing this
  • In Bloons Conception Wiki, it is called the E.L.I.T.E, which can be encountered in round 1337.

other massive blimpsEdit

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