this is a fan-made bloons tower defence, for btd fans, it was created by the creator of insaniquarium 2 wiki


Dart Monkey


Boomerang Monkey


Tack Shooter


bomb tower

cost: 50

monkey ace

cost: 650


cost: 666

super monkey

cost: 3000

hyper monkey

cost: 6000

super fire monkey from h311 (sfmfh)

cost: 6666

moab assasin tower

cost: 9000

temple of the monkey god (TOTMG)

cost: 15000

temple of the acient monkey god (TOTAMG)

cost: 30000

monkey buccaner

cost: 510

banna farm

cost: 850

road spikes

cost: 30


cost: 20

Godmodder Monkey

cost: 999


red bloon

rbe: 1

blue bloon

rbe: 2

green bloon

rbe: 3

yellow bloon

rbe: 4

pink bloon

rbe: 5

purple bloon

rbe: 6

violet bloon

rbe: 7

camo bloon

rbe: 9

black and white bloon

rbe: 11

zebra bloon

rbe: 22

rainbow bloon

rbe: 44

cermamic bloon

rbe: 104


rbe: 616


rbe: 3,163


rbe: 16,656


rbe: 24,747


rbe: 97,088

ttgl bloon

rbe: 194,176

mega moab

rbe: 388,352

mega bfb

rbe: 1,553,408

mega zomg

rbe: 6,213,632

godmodder bloon

rbe: 12,427,264

Dr. Bloon (king of all blimps) (final boss)

rbe: 49,709,056


1. monkey lane (15 levels, easy)

2. Bloon dunes (15 levels, easy)

3. frosty peak (10 levels, medium)

4. soda jungle (10 levels, medium)

5. mount magma (8 levels, hard)

6. Bloontonium lab (8 levels, hard)

7. rooftop of the lab (5 levels, impoppable, each level contains 1 of the first 5 blimps)

8. solar system (only one level, you fight the final boss here)


monkey lane - bloons td 5 monkey lane theme

bloon dunes - pvz2 ancient egypt demonstration minigame

frosty peak - geometry dash hexagon force

soda jungle - new super mario bros u world 5 theme

mount magma - super mario bros 3 dark land world map

bloontonuim lab - geometry dash blast processing

rooftop of the lab - angry birds star wars ii bos theme (duel of the fates)

solar system and all final levels - angry birds star wars boss theme (imperial march)


  • there is a new bloon containing king of all blimps, it is say that the creator will make fan-made bloons tower defence 2 all the way to 4
  • the other bloons will appear in 2-4
  • the only game created by the creator of insaniquarium 2, TATemporaryAaron1101
  • this is one of the fan-made btd games, the others are around the wiki