godmodder bloon is an extremly mega hard bloon to pop, it's a larger version of a red bloon, the size of a pink bloon, it contains 2 mega zomgs despite it's smaller size.

name: godmodder bloon

rbe: 12,427,264

parent of: mega zomg (2)

child of: ???

real name: none

other massive blimpsEdit

moab>bfb>zomg>TGBFBOTMMMMBFBOTMMPOTGBFBOTMMMMPOTFOTG>mega moab>mega bfb>mega zomg>godmodder bloon>Unknown bloon


  • He has a 1/91011 chance to appear in round 1337 and subsequent rounds after that. If killed for the first time, he will give 10,000 XP and 20,000 gold. All subsequent kills decrease the amount of XP and Gold by 1000 until the reward is 100 XP and 200 Gold. He'll also get weaker every kill.
  • His first appearance is on round 91011, as a main blimp, not a secret bloon.
  • His RBE when appearing as a secret bloon is unknown. There is a theory that the RBE in its secret form is 91011.
  • In December 30, 2015, one week after the 3.5 update of The Conceptors, the RBE of the blimpwas previously 123,456, but however, during the date, it was updated so his RBE is 1,000,000. He also had the stats of a camo bloon and lead bloon. The speed was then changed to a Green Bloon.
  • After the buff, on January 5, 2016, the camo and lead stats were removed, but his RBE got a buff to 12,427,264. He also moved at the speed of the BFB.