the Googolplexamurus Carrier, or simply MMBFB Carrier II, is
Googolplexamurus Carrier With Name
an IXXXI Blimp with 91,011 HP

it doesnt hold anything, but launches ZOMGs at your towers, dealing 40 HP... but it has 3 Turrets, with limited ammo, each targeting 3 different towers at unlimited range, speed is Red Bloon


S.H.A.I.T.A.N: uses up all of it's ammo, on a Contra, dealing 2,500 HP, does this on a 4/4, or an x/4, or a 4/x Contra

Speed"z": increases it's speed to up to a Yellow Bloon, lasts 20 Seconds

Turn of Events: Makes 5 towers turn against you, lasts 1 minute


  • if it pops, it will explode, in the range of an MMBFB Carrier, dealing 200 HP
  • it appears to be a little bigger than the MMBFB Carrier
  • it is the first IXXXI-Type Unit
  • the attack name, Turn of Events, is named after an achievement in Dungeon Hunter 4, Turn of Events, after you defeat Khiil Urd
  • the ZOMGs seems to run out of air after it hits a tower