The Hyperion is the last boss of CBTD, and those who are unlucky are gonna get an automatic Game Over, the Hyperion appears to have 375,000 HP and the Core has 25,000 HP (located in the back) and has 12 Barriers, each with the HP of 6,000, the total numbered together is a whopping 72,000 HP! Thus, the core also powers the blimp itself...



"The Last Boss..." -The Book o' Enemies


HP: 375,000

Cores: 1 (25,000 HP)

Barriers: 12 (6,000x12) (72,000 HP)

Total HP: 472,000 HP

Speed: ZOMG, SSF'd

Parent to: N/A

Child to: N/A


The player must reach the maximum rank that it can achieve, which is rank IXXXI and once the player gets there, the player then must select the final part of the game, then after every 60 rounds, the Hyperion will appear, the player must have TOTMGs, Contras, Wither Tanks, Ray of Dooms, and MOAB Assassins, but after a certain amount of hits (50,000 HP), the Hyperion will leave and gets healed completely, and after the player reaches round 500 (the second highest round the player will encounter), the Hyperion then appears and starts attacking your towers from strongest to weakest, it is recommended to have lots of healing towers maxed out, then after all of the HP is drained by not from the core, the Hyperion will move a lot more slower and attacks more slower, then later starts generating ZOMGs and BFBs for the player to kill but distracts then the player must then use the Ray of Dooms to aim at the core when the Hyperion's back is facing the direction of fire (the rays themselves)

NOTE: It's armor is the same as the Absolutely Safe Bloon Capsule's but it is much weaker, 1,500 Defense and AD


  • It is made by Hyperion Airians, by Hyperion Inc, who also owns Hyperion Automobiles and Hyperion Ship Co.