John Chapter, is possibly a new chapter, at CBTD 1.3.8, adds 3 new Enemies into that chapter (instead of mobs) Baby John, John and Mega John, in 1.3.9, Alpha John was added, it is very difficult, but it is unlocked at rank 1 (starter rank)

The JohnsEdit

Baby JohnEdit

The most common of all Johns, they normal spawn in packs, 4-5 and they are Really Fast, 1.5x the speed of a pink bloon (thats 0.2x slower than a T.U.R.B.O!), yes, if any tower attacks them, the Baby John attacks them back

HP: 20

Speed: 1.5x of a pink bloon

Damage: 5


The main character of this chapter and the mod itself, John is larger but slower than the Baby Johns, they are far also stronger, your gonna need more towers to defeat them...

HP: 40

Speed: Green Bloon

Damage: 10 - 25

Mega JohnEdit

Far by, the largest member of the Johns and he is whoppingly scary... its roar sound is similar to SCP-682... and you gonna need 1 Contra or 2 Ground Zeroes to finish him off...

HP: 650

Speed: Green Bloon

Damage: 250

Alpha JohnEdit

An Alpha Ravager-John Hybrid, he is faaar a boss here, you also need one Contra to finish him off...

HP: 650,000,000

Speed: Red Bloon (Blue Bloon for 2nd rage, Yellow Bloon for 3rd Rage, Pink Bloon for last rage)

Damage: 30 (60 for 2nd rage, 120 for 3rd Rage, 2048 for last rage)


  • since contras are unlocked at rank IXXXI, shaitans unlocked at rank 50, bomb towers are a good idea
  • a fully sacrificed TOTMG can level all the Johns alone
  • Sending bloons are a MASSIVE distraction against the Johns
  • Shaitans placed all over the screen can defeat Mega John and Alpha John
  • dart monkeys are weak against Mega John and Alpha John
  • a technological terror can defeat the mega john by using its ability


  • this is the ONLY chapter to be itself not to be numbered
  • this is the first non-numbered chapter to be unlocked at rank 1
  • a Contra can defeat an Alpha John alone
  • Alpha Johns may have been fused before the events of this chapter
  • Baby John, John and Mega John came from SCMowns' John Mod, while the Alpha John is made by the CBTD developers
  • if you beat this mission rank 1 - 10, you are rank IXXXI immediatly, while 11 and above, you will only earn 650,000 exp per completion
    • then that means this is the only mission that you can exp farming