"just die, just die!!!" is a special mission taking place at The Pond, you start with 500,000 cash, 1 life and NO special agents, you can choose difficulty you want... 


Round 1: 100,000 red bloons pack together, 5,000 each 

Round 2: 200 mmbfbotabotgs

Round 3: 100 Super ABOTGs

Round 4: 5 Mk. IVs


Round 6: 10 MMBFB Carriers

Round 7: 2 Mk. Vs

Round 8: 1,000,000 Pink Bloons

Round 9: 1000 Black Bloons

Round 10: 100 Zomgs, 200 mmbfbotabotgs, 6000 Red Bloons, 10 Ceramic Bloons

Round 11: 1000 Zomgs

Round 12: 20 ZOMGs

Round 13: 1 Apopalypse Bloon

Round 14: 1 Genesis Bloon

Round 15: Chaos Bloon

Round 16: 100 TURBOs

Round 17: 5,000 Mk. Vs

Round 18: 10,000 Mk. Vs

Round 19: 20,000 MOABs


Background MusicEdit

round 1-5:? Jay-Z - Blueprint 2 (Instrumental)

round 6-10:? Rob Dougan-Clubbed to Death

round 11-19:? Left 4 Dead Soundtrack- 'Tank'

round 20:? Metallica - The Ecstasy Of Gold (S&M)

--ignore the '?'s--


  1. always use shaitans since they are good at fighting blimps/bloons much
  2. always upgrade them to x/4 or 4/x
  3. always place BRFs
  4. always use 4 4/4 shaitans at the entrance and the exit (2 on entrace and another 2 on the exit


  • this is the hardest mission on CBTD
  • when you beat this mission, you will now unlock a 4/4 shaitan.
    • If you beat it twice, after Hapstadyne's "Upgrade EX" quest, the player will get Plasma Armor, which increases speed and attack of all robot and tank based towers and upgrades. (e.g. Robo Monkey, Wither Tank) and have the pink parts colored teal and glow.
      • If beaten thrice and above, the player will only get 100,000 gold (Or sometimes, 20 gems).
  • if you choose medium, the rbe is x10, if on hard, it will be x100, if on harder-than-hard, it will be x1,000 (e.g. round 1: rbe: 1,000,000 (medium), round 1: rbe: 10,000,000 (medium))
  • If the player hasen't completed the "Upgrade EX" quest and beats this mission twice, they will get a Myster Key, which is used to unlock the gate to Sky Army's Castle. If they completed the quest and beaten the mission a third time, they will get the Plasma Armor.
  • This can only be played on Neon Factory, GlItCh OrChArD, Butter Fort, TCD Battlefield, and Bloontonium Lab.