the MMBFBOTABOTG (MMBFB for short) is a huge blimp, its RBE is 24,272, however, it's HP is 20,000.

name: MMBFBOTABOTG rbe: 24,272 (44,272 with shield) parent of: zomg (2 zomgs) grand parent of: bfb (8 bfbs) great grand parent of: moab (16 moabs) child of: LOLZ and ATOTW grand child of: TGBFBOTMMMMBFBOTMMPOTGBFBOTMMMMPOTFOTG Real Name: Mega Mega Brutal Floating Behemoth Of The Air Blimp Of The Googolplex

First Appearances: Round 500 (MMBFB), Round 850 (Super ABOTG), Round 1200 (Future MMBFB)

NOTE: Appears as a boss in Round 500. Its normal counterpart appears at round 525 as 2 MMBFBs. Its Super and Future forms will never appear as normal enemy MOABs.


Super ABOTGEdit

the true form the mmbfbotabotg, doesn't contain ANYTHING but be sure your gonna die when this targets


super ABOTG

name: super ABOTG

rbe (hp): 30,000

child of: n/a

parent of: n/a

weapons: 4 (2 Shaitans, 2 Heavy Cannons)

MMBFBOTABOTG, 1000 years laterEdit

for 1 millienium in the future in blooniverse, the mmbfbotabotg is much more stronger and larger then it's present day, it contains 30000 hp, doesn't hold anything


it's future looks like this

name: MMBFBOTABOTG (future)

rbe: 44,272

hp: 30,000

parent of: n/a

child of: n/a

description: blooniverse, 1000 years later, this blimp has been upgraded to hold more weapons and specials, since, it is the descedant of the present mmbfbotabotg

being the founder of the mmbfb seriesEdit

as well, 1000 years after he was born (1600), the evil general, which is tat, planned mmbfb to create his own army and being jealous of tat, unlike others, mmbfb let the other blimps, get his territory abandoned and planned to make other blimps, the mmbfb carrier, his 1000 years later version (year 3000)...

Mmbfbotabotg, 1000 years later cameo

the cameo

full info below hereEdit

mmbfbotabotg (mmbfb)

bloon name:

mmbfbotabotg (mmbfb)


24,272 (44,272 with shield on medium and hard)

parent of:


child of:

lolz and atotw


immune to monkey glue, spikes, pineapples and freezing

appears in:

fan-made bloons tower defense, fan-made bloons tower defense 2, fan-made bloons tower defense 3, fan-made bloons tower defense 4 and contra bloons tower defense



encountered at:

round 666 (fmbtd only), round 125 (fmbtd2 only), round 150 (fmbtd3 only), round 175 (fmbtd4 only), round 200 (contra bloons tower defense only)

true form:

super ABOTG

other massive blimpsEdit

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  • Future version is based on the LandKreuzer P1000 Rattle.
    • It looks like it, but different.
      • The future version will own super abotg since it will overkill it.
  • Super abotg is mmbfbotabotg's true form, plus, the heavy cannons' shells are used by the future mmbfbotabotg
  • The mmbfbotabotg series are the only ones who have red eyes
  • ATOTW is maybe mmbfb's cousin/brother.
  • It appears as a boss for the first time, its true form for the second time, and future form for the last and final appearance.
  • This is TAT's first blimp.
  • Its first battle theme is here.
  • Super ABOTG's battle theme can be found here.
  • The Future MMBFB's theme is here.
  • The Future MMBFB's theme, when it uses the souls' theme, it is related to the MOABs as it follows:
  1. 1st Soul = Ceramic Bloon
  2. 2nd Soul = Mini Moab
  3. 3rd Soul = Moab
  4. 4th Soul = Bfb
  5. 5th Soul = Zomg
  6. 6th Soul = Ddt
  • It is the only MOAB bloon to have 3 different types.
  • After January 5, 2016, it was nerfed so its RBE was decreased and contains 2 ZOMGs, while the ATOTW contains only one. However, the ATOTW's RBE remained the same.