Operation: End of the World or known as Op: EotW is an event of about the :3 Planet about to hit the planet, the event started on january 1, 2666 and ended on october 31, 2999, it is the ONLY event that the Myth was true

the poster of the "OPERATION"


atleast BEFORE Op: EotW, the myth was proven false but then at january 1, 2666, :3 planet was REALLY about to strike and the myth proven TRUE, atleast, it almost knock down tat's statue at the top of the TCD Base, it also blocked out the main star, also, everyone complained about the myth being fake


January 1, 2666 - :3 Planet hits Virgo A Planet at it's oceans, starting from the deepest ocean then covered the entire Virgo A Planet, also, darkening the sun

October 31, 2999 - event Ends


  • this is the ONLY operation that is proven real
  • almost 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of the population is wounded by the blast
  • also, the main star is darkened by :3 Planet, it is true that cat face planet can control light by darkening it
  • also, it also has a game called: Operation: Dead Planet
  • tons of buildings are destroyed, even the TCD building