his appearance in 2012

TATemporaryAaron1101 (known as TAT1101) is an infamous-to-almost-famous-to-the-infamous-again (ITAFTTA) robloxian with very low visits, he has 1,824 friends, 756 and counting place visits, he is ITAFTTA place creator of Zombie Game, which had 2 visits and counting, he also had a youtube account but he never said it at ROBLOX.


he joined ROBLOX at April 22, 2012, he was making the most infamous place so he will be seen on youtube, August-September, TATemporaryAaron1101 changed his appearance to the appearance seen at the top left, he also played The Lords of Range's Cape and The Tales Of Kitteh's Cape, he also friended 2 of his friends named as thesecondcopsniper and ROBLOXDON5, at 2013, he changed his appearance once again and it is much different, then made his official game: Zombie Game, achived 3 visits and counting, yet, his 2 games are renamed as [content deleted] due to it's useless name (both were Mega-Mega Place and Mega Place)


TATemporaryAaron1101, 2013, he looks much different...


  • he always hates guests, due to it, he joined The Epic Guest Haters
  • his Zombie Game has yet, a mob made by SCMowns2 is the John Family (John & Mega John)
  • Mega-Mega Place and Mega Place are the only places which have the name of [content deleted] rather than [ content deleted ]