"The TCD is built! we can now make a lot of tanks to defeat anyone who isn't our allies!!!" -tat t. tatian

the TCD is the largest military base on Virgo A Planet, it consists 1,000,000,000 tatians (1/2 of virgo a planet's population), it has 1000 war factorys, 250 barracks (100,000 each), the owner/general is tat as well

TAT Crew Department



base name: TCD

size: 300 Mm

members: 1,000,000,000

allies: unknown

enemies: BCoW Awesome Base


1. PrivateEdit

the starting rank for every tatian, they must obey all ranks and do hard work and training, then they will be promoted to Private First Class (or PFC).

2. Private First Class

the second rank after Private, they will now drive Vehicles and they can now be teached to survive in the woods, if they passed this, they will be promoted to Private Second Class.

3. Private Second ClassEdit

after Private First Class, they must do the same as Private and they will promoted to Private Third Class

4. Private Third ClassEdit

same as Private except they will now command lower ranks and now use weapons, if they succeed the shooting practice, they are now promoted to Private Fourth Class

5. Private Fourth ClassEdit

still command lower ranks and now use grenades as their primary throwing weapon (they get 20 free grenades) and then take the throwing test, if they suceed they will then be promoted to Tanker

6. TankerEdit

instead of commanding lower ranks, they can now use Tanks (or maybe they don't want to be a Tanker so they will continue as rifle-tatians) then take the test for shooting, hiding and flanking (though, they use the Big Tank Mk. I, it is weaker than all other Tanks) if they suceed, they will be promoted

7. BombardierEdit

each TCD member now gets back using grenades, this time, a bit harder than Private Fourth Class, eventually, if they passed it, they will be promoted to Lance Corporal

8. Lance CorporalEdit

each TCD member now continues getting back commanding lower ranks, well, they can now use double pistols and a high explosive grenade, they will now learn to survive in the coldest region on virgo a planet, if they survive for a tatian year, they will be promoted

9. CorporalEdit

TCD members now able to secure bases and make their own plans, and able to use LMGs, then take the LMG shooting test, if passed, they will be promoted to Specialist

10. SpecialistEdit

now able to use shotguns and assault rifles armed with radiation, now use the Big Tank Mk II and Fast Tank 64

11. SergeantEdit

now able to use Snipers, if took the test, promotion...

12. Staff SergeantEdit

now able to use rocket launchers, grant access to Big Tank Mk. III, if took the shooting test, rank up...

13. Sergeant First ClassEdit

now able to use dual rocket launchers... grant access to Big Tank Mk. IV


he has taken many ideas on his own

Landkreuzer P1000 Ratte

Big Tank Mk. I

Big Tank Mk. II

Big Tank Mk. III

Big Tank Mk. IV

Fast Tank 64

Fast Tank 150

Shaitans (Super Unit's Back Uppers) (Shaitan II)

JadgPanther E-100

Mega Overlord (Super Unit)

Wither Tank (Shaitan III)

Dive bomber

Sky bomber

Dive bomber carrier

Sky bomber carrier

Aircraft Carrier

TCD Floater




Landkreuzer P500 Mamut


Some credited, some copyrighted and some are made by tatians

ZCS Seizure

ZCS Wipeout


Tsar Bomba Shotgun

Atomic Missile

Freeze Bomb

Giant Machine Gun

Revolver Mk. II


Yamato's Launcher

Indio's Sniper

HCS Snipe

HCS Sentry


  •  the blueprints for the Shaitan III is "Classified and no one, even Brigader and below is allowed to see it, even non-TCD members"
  • Shaitan III looks like a tank, the size of a battle ship has packloads of cannons
  • Wither Tank
  • it's the largest and strongest military base on virgo a planet
  • it's strongest unit is mega overlord and the shaitans give mega overlord back-up
  • Temporary T. Tatian is the ONLY member of the TCD who is still Private rank
    • just because he never goes to work
      • or maybe he always sleeps on his job
        • or maybe he gets distracted everytime
  • it is unknown if tat t. tatian will fire temporary in the future
  • it secretly dont attack the military on earth or on other planets
  • it is built on a crater, with bedrock
  • most TCD members are sometimes helpless
  • the Landkreuzer P1000 Ratte and P500 Mamut, not from germany, are different