TTGL bloon is a super-super-sized blimp, it is extremly hard to pop, however, it has tengen toppa gurren lagann's symbol on it, it contains 2 TGBFBOTMMMMBFBOTMMPOTGBFOTMMMMPOTFOTGs

name: TTGL bloon

rbe: 194,176

parent of: TGBFB (2 of TGBFBs)

grand parent of: MMBFB (8 MMBFBs)

great grand parent of: ZOMG (unknown number)

great-great grand parent of: BFB (unknown number)

real name: tengen toppa gurren lagann bloon

other massive blimpsEdit

moab>bfb>zomg>MMBFBOTABOTG>TGBFBOTMMMMBFBOTMMPOTGBFBOTMMMMPOTFOTG>TTGL bloon>mega moab>mega bfb>mega zomg>godmodder bloon>Unknown bloon


  • desipite it has "TTGL", it is written in tatian language (with it's "Stand for?")
  • it sorta looks like a blimp with the words TTGL on it, but written in tatian language
  • TTGL Bloon's first appearance theme.