the gallery appears in insanquarium 2, fish world, insanquarium: lost in 2nd dimension and Insaniquarium 2: the movie, it will unlock if you had 50 pictures or more, however, the gallery seems to have it's old color, blue to a new color, gray


it looks like a large building about the size of 1/5 of great orca's size, and it has 3 windows and a door


in 7001 bc, it was a house called woody house, and an intruder fish named king intruder's un-named ancestor, through out the years, it has been buried in rocks for 7001 years, later founded by unknown fish of the gallery, unless, it has been closed down in 300 years from now, 2300


  • every episode, it doesn't appear
  • it has 2 windows on every episode except the movie, it has 3
  • it says 'the gallery, owner: flap', later 'the gallery, owner: terra'