"If that planet didnt exist, what will we do?" -an unamed tatian

Virgo A Planet is the largest planet of the Planetakus System, it is the size 7.5 lightyears, so far, there lived are tatians


A planet about the size of 7.5 lightyears, which is 75,000,000,000 km ( 75,000,000 gm, 75,000 tm or 75 pm), which is about the size of 25 VY Canis Majoris...


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Operation: End of the WorldEdit

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  • not counting Tatians, there is a total of 603,382 life population
    • 25% of that are fishes, 4% of plants, 11% of animals and 40% of bacteria and viruses
      • however, those bacteria and viruses have no specific role on anything, even humans, but they have positive affects, such as curing, there are no side effects of them
  • if it is real, then it will collapse into a black hole...
    • but if it is a star and it was the sun of the solar system, it would cover up the entire solar system
  • red dust seem to harden throughout the years
  • there is alot of mineshafts lying around the ourskirts of the Great City of Tatia
    • the deepest mineshaft is normally Tat's Riches Mine, which is about 18,000,000 km deep (or 18,000 gm or 18 tm), where lots of bedrock, diamonds and emeralds are found there, approximately 48-59 per second are found
  • if one tatian will walk around this planet, it will take more than 65,000,000 years, or 7.5 years if they walk or run at light speed