Introduced in 1.4.3, Contra II or Shaitan III, is an IXXXI-type unit unlocked at IXXXI...

Name: Wither Tank

HP: 500,000

Damage: 20 HP and 15 Layers

Aramament: Single 46cm Turret (+ more when upgraded)

Range: MMBFB Carrier-sized range

Reloading speed: 20 seconds

Aiming Speed: 60 Seconds



Path 1Edit

Extra 46cm TurretEdit

Description: due to its frontal only having one 46cm turret, the TCD added one more 46cm Turret on the rear, for more damage

Hp increase: 50,000

Damage increase: 40 Hp and 30 Layers (if super-firing)

Range increase: still the same

Reloading speed: still the same


40cm Quadruple TurretEdit

Description: the TCD Navy added a few tweaks on the wither tank to make it a bit powerful

Note: this applies to both sides

Turret Damage: 10 HP and 5 Layers

Turret Range: ZOMG-sized range

Turret Reloading Speed: 10 Seconds

Damage increase: 50 Hp and 35 Layers

Range increase: still the same

Reloading speed: still the same


Extra 40cm Quadruple TurretEdit

Description: TCD Navy added yet another 40cm Quadruple Turret

Damage Increase: 60 Hp and 40 Layers

Range Increase: still the same

Reloading speed: still the same



Description: the TCD added miniguns to the tank, normally...

Damage: 1 HP and 1 Layer

Reloading speed: 0.01 of a second


Path 2Edit


Description: due to the TCD's hatred to camo bloons, they added a radar against their enemies...

Range Increase: 250px

Gives Ability to see Camo-Types


Deadly AccuracyEdit

Description: due to fast enemies, Contra II increase the accuracy...

Accuracy Increase: 500 (previously 100)


Machine TurretEdit

Description: using Contra's turret, the turret is now used as a Machine Turret

Damage: 20 HP

Reloading Speed: 0.5


Laser TurretEdit

Description: tat masterd technology and replaced barrels with lasers...

Note: this does not apply to the Machine Turret

Damage: still the same

Range: entire screen (per laser)


Path 3Edit

Faster Reloading timeEdit

Description: due to the snaily reloading speed... the reloading speed is now ÷2....

Reloading Speed: as said upgrade you purchase ÷2


Mini Tank FactoryEdit

Description: it is now converted into a tank-war factory hybrid, allowing to produce 5 un-upgradable 0/0 Shaitans and 1 un-upgradable 0/0 Contra per 20 Seconds, leaves after comepleting a round (or level)


Barracks TankEdit

Description: tweaked a few settings, it can now make 10 un-upgradable Dart Monkeys, 5 un-upgradable Sniper Monkeys, 2 Un-upgradable dartling guns (they can now aim at enemies rather pointing at your mouse) and 1 un-upgradable Super Monkey per 10 Seconds


Faster Building/Training SpeedEdit

Description: soldiers are in a hurry and the factory is high-producing, their building/training speed is ÷2


Path 4Edit

Faster AimingEdit

Description: one of the gunners shot himself some adreline... now... increasing his aiming speed...

Aiming Speed: 15 Seconds


Enhanced EyesightEdit

Description: the commander now got his eyes tested and ready to look farther than normal...

Range Increase: 1/2 of the map (on Destroyed MMBFB Carrier Map)


Extreme VelocityEdit

Description: the gunner also shot himself the same adreline...

Projectile Speed: same as sniper monkey


Enchanced EngineEdit

Description: instead of submarine engines... they prefer Atomic Powered Engines....

Speed Increase: Baby John's Speed (1.5x of Pink Bloon)



  • this is the 2nd tower to be upgraded in any path, first is Shaitan (BCoW)
  • it is inspired at Battleship Craft, World of Tanks and CNC Red Alert and Generals
  • this is the most powerful non-MOAB-killer tower
  • it can go over tracks, ramming over blimps (up to MMBFB)
    • insta-kill
  • can move over water
  • this is the first tower to have more than 4 Upgrade Paths, meaning x/x/x/x
  • a 4/4/4/4 Wither Tank will change its name to Mega Overlord IXXXI
  • you can put an immortality gem on it